In-store Jewellery events- Top Tips

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April 2, 2018
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April 9, 2018

In-store Jewellery events- Top Tips

These days, we come across many showroom owners lamenting their losses due to online stores. People have become used to order the things they require online as it saves time and energy. But, there are certain advantages of store shopping. We can have a direct and satisfactory look at the products that we choose and is definitely hassle-free. In a poll conducted recently, 60% of the people voted in the favour of store shopping. There is one advantage the store owners have that online retailers don’t; that is, the opportunity to conduct in-store events. Recently, a popular Diamond Jewellery Store held an in-store event that displayed its wedding jewellery- a blend of traditional values with a modern outlook and it became a rage!

The store managers have to prepare a clear agenda and the events should be able to attract the crowd as it gives an opportunity to meet famous designers, charity fundraisers, interacting with celebrities, fashion shows for common people etc. site is the best to refer for some authentic promotional ideas.

Let us now have a glance at some tips that can be followed for a sure shot success mark.

Advertising on the store website:
The upcoming event has to be featured on the blogs, homepage and event calendar. A landing page can be created by professional web designing companies in chennai that contains all the details of the events. It can be used as the destination link in other advertisements too like on social and print media. The language used must be eye catchy and mind-boggling graphics can be inserted to attract a number of viewers. There can be a form attached to the landing page in which people can fill their details and it will improve the contact base as well.

Using the powerful tool of social media:
Advertising on social media creates a lot of impact as people visit these sites regularly. As the event is approaching, the frequency can be increased that will make people remember the event well. Special pages or tabs can be put up that speak out loud about the theme and the interesting things that are going to happen. After the event, posting videos and photos will make people who have not attended think for a while and the next time, voila! They will make it a point to mark their presence.

In-store advertising techniques:
Banners and colourful write-ups should be put up in the store, on the shopping bags and pamphlets which can be distributed as well. Personal invites should be sent to all the regular customers to win their hearts. Pre-registration forms can be handed out to the public, to build up their interest further.

Using a different means:
The store vehicles can be used for advertising by increasing their trips on road. Advertising in newspapers and radio will fetch a lot of publicity. Old school hand-outs and emailing the customers directly also will bring in positive results.

Approaching the press:
It is advisable to approach the local reporters in advance and give them a complete briefing about the event. The main features of the event should be highlighted by them and the advertisement has to be featured in the slots where it can grab the attention of a maximum number of viewers.

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