Know More About EuroMold Trade Fair

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March 11, 2020

Know More About EuroMold Trade Fair

Plastic Injection Molding Machine.

What Is Euromold?

Euromold is the leading trade fair in the world in product development for more than twenty years. Anybody such as developers, product managers, executives, etc., who want to launch their new products or ideas will find the right space for interacting with professionals and experts from around the globe. In the whole process, injection mould manufacturers in India and the exhibitors will present the latest engineering, design, molding and tool making, additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. The injection molding company will be awarded an exceptional position in the 3D printing sector to create customized parts if needed. In addition, 3D printing has become a crucial part of classic mold making and tooling. Euromold is the greatest trade show that supports 3D printing / Additive manufacturing.

The Trade Exhibition

One of the major features of Euromold is the intersectoral exhibition. It offers good solutions for various branches. Unlike other similar fairs, in the intersectoral exhibition, euromold focuses more on holistic thinking that shows how the products manufactured from different departments come together to make innovative opportunities and perspectives. Manufacturers from different industries come to Euromold to exhibit their ideas.

In the intersectoral exhibitions, you can find these sectors mentioned below.

  • Designs
  • Mold making and tooling
  • Engineering
  • 3D printing and additive manufacturing
  • Production

When you come to the exhibition, be prepared to see the best tools, pattern making, processing and finishing machines, and much more.

What Are The Reasons To Exhibit?

When you decide to come to the intersectoral exhibit, you can

  • Meet the direct contacts at one place.
  • Discover the recent and happening market trends and novelties
  • Plan presentations and get a chance to attract visitors.
  • Expand the visibility of your brand and increase awareness.

Molding Trade Exhibition

Objective Of EuroMold Brazil 2020
The EuroMold trade fair in Brazil takes place once every two years. The purpose behind conducting the trade far is to show that EuroMold reacts to recent economic development and the increasing demand for mold, tools, engineering, design, simulation, and visualization.

Features Of EuroMold Brazil
In the event, toolmakers, industrial designers, manufacturing engineers, product managers, executives, and buyers of large industries will share recent manufacturing mold and product development trends. The trade fair will have visitors and exhibitors from the process chain interested in molding manufacturing in South America and Brazil. From the rapid economic growth, the industrial city n souther Brazil can be benefited from h investment from domestic and international companies.

The focus of the EuroMold trade fair is on the areas such as sub-contracting, automobile, household appliances, consumer goods, electric and electronic industries, travel and leisure, and air and space travel.

EuroMold- International Participation
In July, the international participation in the EuroMold trade fair reached 32%. The participation by countries are the following: Italy with 20.2%, Spain with 7,5%, Portugal with 6,7%, France with 7,1%, China and Taiwan with 4,8%, Austria with 6,3%, Hungary with 2,4%, Switzerland with 6%, India and Turkey with 3,2%, the United States with 4%, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, and Belgium with 2% each one, Slovenia with 1,2%, Japan and Luxembourg with 0,8% each one, Bulgaria, Finland, Latvia, Romania, Iran, Israel, Singapore, Korea south, Ukraine, Sweden, and Russia with 0.4% each one.

EuroMold- Production Areas

In most of the EuroMold trade fair, the production area rate goes like Molds and tools with 30.6%, software, and hardware with 8.6%, design of models with an 11.3%, tools with 8.1%, machinery with 8.3%, prototypes and tools with 7.2%, material and auxiliary with 5.3%, engineering with a 6.9%, assurance, and automation with 3.2%, design with a 4.4%, and others with 3.9%.

EuroMold Stands Of Foreign Companies

EuroMold offers booths from different companies. In recent years, the Czech Republic and Hungary got their first-ever booth in the world trade. Turkey has the largest stand at Euromold with a total area of 500 square meters. Two companies, namely Hongkong Mold and Die council and China Die and Mold Association, will represent China. The other countries are Great Britain, Italy, India, Iran, and Taiwan. Continue Reading

The main objective of the EuroMold trade fair is to strengthen the molding industry and bring in new innovative ideas for the success of the molding industry.

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