How to Attract Celebrity Guests for Events?

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April 5, 2018
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How to Attract Celebrity Guests for Events?

“The image is one thing and the human being is another. It’s very hard to live up to an image, put it that way”, quoted a celebrity once. For most of the events, organisers prefer inviting celebrities to bring glitz and glamour to the event. Mostly, the celebrities are busy and limit their time to only high profile events. It takes a lot of effort to convince a celebrity to attend these events. Hatching up a good plan and implementing it strategically can attract celebrities towards your show for sure! Make sure you keep in mind the following tips for ultimate success.

Make Connections – Engage in Happening Events In Your City

Need some advice on public relations? Then browse through Keeping mum will not help with developing and upgrading the contact base. Networking plays a very important role in finding the right celebrity for your show. Ask around, don’t feel shy. Contact your friends, relatives and splurge your time on social media.Who knows? , you might get a golden catch! There are some people who are well connected with the high profile networks. Approaching these people will help to save a lot of time and energy.

Picture of Audience listening to a lecture presented in a corporate seminar hosted by Event Management Company name KiyohHiring experienced corporate event organisers will definitely serve the purpose as they use their wide network to connect with the right people and reaching out to the celebrities will become easier.

Doing the homework well with genuine interest:
Once you get the appointment of a celebrity and you blabber something irrelevant, then tables are sure to turn upside down. It is better to know all the details of the celebrity like about their childhood, the current projects they are working on, their specific interests etc.

Know Your Celebrity And Plan Your Event Accordingly

Knowing the inclination of the celebrities:
Some celebrities pour their heart and soul into charity work while some are interested in fashion. Some celebrities have a passion for human and animal rights. So, first find out the specific interest of the celebrity and choose the celebrity appropriate to the purpose of your event. Giving them the right reason to attend is also very important.

Plan Your Expenses

Allocating enough budgets:
Never be stingy. While negotiating with them, keep in view the maximum amount that you can spend. They might have additional demands like a particular food, green rooms; to and fro travel arrangements etc. Be sure to offer what you have promised.

Make sure you provide enough limelight to the celebrities before, during and after the event. Giving them the importance they deserve will work well.

Picture of participants applauding in an corporate event hosted by Corporate Event organizer KiyohBuild Rapport to make the celebrity Guest Event successful

Discussing your needs clearly:
There should be complete transparency during discussions. Put forth your exact purpose of the show. Don’t forget even minute details. Being upfront, courteous and efficient will earn accolades.

From the moment they arrive to the minute they leave, make sure you give them a lifetime experience so that you can win a place in their good books. Adhering to a strict timeline is very important as their time is very precious. Showing your gratitude for their presence will make them cherish your event. Thanking them for their presence is a really sweet gesture. This can be done by presents, handwritten notes, and tweets. It is very important to build a relationship with them and maintain it.


  1. Jayanth says:

    Really an informative post on popularising a special event and make it a great hit among celebrities. The post helped me to understand that it is not an easy job to attract a celebrity guest to an event. You have to put in a lot of efforts for the same.

  2. Bokesh says:

    The post is helpful as it offers information on reaching out the celebrity. Event organizers mainly make use of the social media platform for attracting celebrities. Take part in all the popular events so that you get an opportunity to know about all the celebrities.

  3. Thangam says:

    Recently a trade fair event was conducted and the event organizer helped a lot in inviting the right celebrity for the event. Event organizers have a very good contact base. They also get to know about them through various sources.

  4. Hanu says:

    A lot of homework is required when choosing a celebrity for an event. Get to know about the details of the celebrity and their interest. Choose the celebrity based on their area of interest and passion. Really an informative post

  5. Karan says:

    The post made me understand that I have to allocate liberal funds to an event when inviting a celebrity. It is really worth spending for a good celebrity as your event would get popularised easily. If it is a business event then I can enjoy better profits.

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