Simple Yet Powerful Tips to Create a Special Website for Special Events

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February 24, 2018
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April 2, 2018

Simple Yet Powerful Tips to Create a Special Website for Special Events

To launch an event that is prestigious and important for the growth of the organization, construction of the website plays an important role. WordPress is the ultimate choice for many site developers but everyone might not be a pro in the first shot. One can do it by themselves or approach a popular and experienced Web Design Company. Given the importance of digital media these days, one has to put in genuine effort in building up the website and here are some tips that can bring in tremendous positive results.

Choosing the right hosting service:
The event website should grab a lot of attention and should register the maximum number of viewers. Hosting providers that can handle traffic efficiently should be chosen to avoid the crash of the website. The providers must offer continuous back-end support and their servers must be lightning fast. SiteGround and WPEngine are one of the best hosting service providers having a solid reputation.

Installation of backup plugins:
Securing the website against hacking, malicious scripts, DDOS attacks etc. is very important. The first step to be taken is to generate an auto backup. Backup plugins play a vital role in protecting the website against data loss. The data loss results in a monetary loss worth millions. After installing WordPress, the backup plugin must be installed immediately. Both paid and free plugins are available.

Choosing the appropriate WordPress theme:
Nowadays, people access the internet more on their mobiles rather on desktops. The theme chosen must be able to cater to all the screens, resolutions and devices. The theme should be responsive and almost all the WordPress themes are mobile compatible and responsive within a fraction of seconds.
Themes have many features that might be unwanted and do not serve the right purpose. The event themes must have the capability to handle media, bookings, ticketing; add venues and participants.
How much ever skill full people might be, support is definitely required. The theme must guarantee a support system that is super-fast and reliable. The documentation should be extensive and contain every minute detail.

Customizing the theme:
The themes contain a user interface to customize the website. The logo of the event, details, additional information can be added. Colour combinations, graphics and font styles can be altered according to our taste.

Adding appropriate media:
Optimised images, videos, slides, photos of the venue, participants, and chief guests should be added effectively to grab a lot of eyeballs.

Using external services:
YouTube for videos, SlideShare for slides can be used in the event website for enhancement purpose as it reduces the load on the website as well.

Increasing the social presence:
The themes allow us to add Email signup forms that is the cheap way of networking. Profiles on all the important social media can be created and integrated into the website for publicity. offers valuable tips on creation of an event on FaceBook.

Adding testimonials to the website will provide additional proof that the previous events were a blast and they trigger an interest.

Additional plugins like JetPack, W3 Total Cache, and WordPress SEO will improve the overall performance of the website.

Before launching the website, it is better to double check everything to avoid any unwanted errors.

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